Thornhill Angling Club is a local club based out of the Leggers Inn, located on Mill Street East, Dewsbury.


We are a friendly welcoming club which aims to cater for different types of anglers. We offer members excellent river, canal and still water fishing, for a variety of species.


Thornhill AC Waters


 Calder & Hebble Navigation

Mixed species present, including good numbers of Roach, Perch, Bream, Tench, Chub, Carp and Pike of a better size do show up regularly. Typical tactics that score well are pole to the far margin, or down the central track. Pinkie and bread punch will see you amongst the Roach. While maggot and caster will offer the chance of banking a better fish. Worm can score well too if your'e after a bonus fish. Access from Mill St. East and Leggers Inn.


 Aire & Calder Navigation

Great Heck - Goole. Mixed species present with general captures made up of Roach, Perch and Bream. Other species are present such as Tench, Carp, Chub and Pike. This is quite a broad section of canal. Long Pole tactics score, however waggler and feeder tactics also play their part here. Beds of Groundbait and Maggot, Caster or Worm usually score fished whole, chopped or in conjunction with Hemp.


 River Calder

Pear Tree (Mirfield) length. Bottom section from the old railway bridge downstream to Newgate weir. Very good shoals of Roach present here if located with additional skimmers and Perch making up general catches. Bonus fish are present including decent Bream, Ide, Chub, larger Perch, the occasional Brown Trout and Pike. Carp are also present, although are very mobile and take some tracking down. There are shoals of Dace also and the exclusive Calder Barbel are not out of the question. This section is navigable and is quite wide, so it can be fished on the pole, waggler or feeder. Maggot and caster score well, whilst introducing a little hemp can also help. For bigger fish try chopped worm and caster tactics. Larger worms can be productive for Ide, Chub and Bream if they are in the area. Access is via Huddersfield Road Mirfield. Turn left / right on to Newgate, then right after going over the river (below the weir). Turn right again on to Calder View. A path is present before going in to the estate down the side of a walled building.


 Pattersons Ponds 

Pattersons  Ponds consists of 2 ponds adjacent to each other and are home to a wealth of species.

Small Pond (First pond on right through gate) Roach and Rudd to 1lb+, Perch to 2lb+, Tench to 5lb+, Bream to 7lb+, Crucian Carp to 3lb+, Common/Mirror Carp to over 10lb. Depths run to 12ft.


Larger Pond (Larger pond far right hand corner of car park) Roach and Rudd to 1lb+, Perch to 4lb+, Tench to 5lb+, Bream to 7lb+, Crucian Carp to 3lb+, Common/Mirror Carp to 20lb+ and Pike to double figures. Depths run to 12ft. 




The fishery is very mature and picturesque and holds a good stock of fish and can offer fantastic fishing when it's fishing well. On the small pond good beds of sweet groundbait with a pole or waggler, fished maggot and caster are good bets to get amongst the silvers. For better fish worm sections, corn, meat and pellet can score and the bream can be quite susceptible to these tactics, particularly on pellet and small pieces of meat.

On the larger pond, there are lots of silverfish to be had fishing simple maggot tactics. Again sweet groundbait and caster will produce Tench and Bream in open water and from the Margins. Pellet, meat, corn, prawn, boilies and mussel can all work for the better fish, more often than not from the margins. For those interested in night fishing please contact Peter Patterson's bailiff. ( Night fishing permit / ticket allows you to fish between the hours of 9pm or dusk - whichever is earliest, through until dawn).