1.   Bloodworm and joker are banned on all club waters until 1st October. This bait may then

      be used on Thornhills canal waters until 5th March.

2.   Ground bait / Bait Boats can be used but in moderation.

3.   Keep-nets must be of EA regulations.

4.   Live baiting is banned on all club waters.

5.   Fish must not be removed or transferred between club waters without permission of the

      committee. If fish are noticed to be distressed then the club member should contact the

      EA and a committee member immediately. EA Tel No - 0800 807060.

6.   All fish caught should be handled with care and either returned immediately or retained

      in a suitable keep net. In this case all fish should be carefully returned at the end of the

      session. Carp to be returned back to the water via a sling.

7.   Members may not fish with more than two sets of tackle at any time. Other sets may be

      made up, provided they remain un-baited.

8.   Members must be in possession of both their membership card and a valid EA licence

      whenever they are fishing. Any member without either will be asked to leave the water

      immediately. The member must then attend the next committee meeting to prove both

      the above points, or they could face a ban.

9.   All juniors under 16 yr must be accompanied by an adult member at all times. Failure to

     do so will result in the junior member being asked to leave the water. 1 adult member  

     may supervise 2 juniors. In all cases the adult must fish the same peg, or be in the next

     peg where they can observe the junior.

10. All members are requested to act as bailiffs on club waters.

11. Only barbless or micro barbed hooks are allowed. Treble hooks are banned

      except for Pike fishing.

12. Fishing is permitted between dawn and dusk ( or 9pm light permitting) Night fishing is

      only allowed with a permit and from designated pegs. These pegs are 1-6 on the river

      bank side, three pegs on the railway side ( Bob Marleys, Pipes and Double swim) plus

      the two pegs in the middle pond (Bailiffs swim and the new corner swim opposite).

13. All members are restricted to 48hrs on, 24hrs off.

14. Only use the parking areas provided. Do not block entry/exit points at any time.

15. The club holds no liability for any loss/damage to property whilst on club waters.

16. Dogs, firearms, fires, tents and swimming are not permitted on any of the clubs waters.

17. Radios and personal stereos are only permitted if used with discretion.

18. Carp over 3lb must not be retained in keep-nets at any time.

19. All entry points must be secured on entering and leaving club waters.

20. No abuse is to be given to any club member or water user.

21. Any member having cause for complaint should submit this in writing to the club

      secretary for consideration at the next committee meeting. The committee will deal with

      the complaint in such a manner as they see fit.

22. The committee reserve the right to close waters at any time for maintenance work. Work

      parties will be announced in advance wherever possible. The more members that

      attend the less time the waters need to be closed.

23. Fishing is not permitted near any overhead cables.

24. Please take all your litter home with you. Leave the peg how you would expect to find it.

25. To qualify for a disabled anglers book, the person concerned must produce documented

      proof of disability, before being eligible for a concessionary book.

26. Do not leave rods/poles in the water unattended. If you leave your peg please wind in.

27. Only set up in designated pegs and respect other members who are fishing in opposite


28. Disabled pegs should be vacated by able bodied anglers when requested.

29. When fishing for carp or pike minimum breaking strain 10lb. No fixed rigs. All rigs must

      be fish safe. No leadcore to be used.

30. All carp / pike anglers must be in possession of a large well padded unhooking mat or

      craddle, forceps / pliers and a sling large enough to cope with fish up to high 20's.

31. Any Pike caught at Pattersons Pond or on the River must be returned immediately to

      the water. Any Pike caught on the Canal over 5lb must be returned immediately to the

      water. No Jack Pike to be left on the Canal bank.

32.. Any angler who breaks any of the above rules will be asked to appear in front of the

       committee and could face a ban.


These rules are in place in the best interests of the fishery, its members and of course the fish.